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About an author

Hello. My name is Aleksej and I am a creator of site «Personal finances».

I will a bit tell about itself. I am thirty years. School, institute, a few years of work are on the state, 2 years - on a stranger uncle. All was as at all. Ten-hour working day, 3 hours in twenty-four hours on a transport, and salary. There was a salary that never caught up with growing prices. In spite of steady economy, money chronically was not enough (as well as to time).

Once I wanted to know how many I earn for one o'clock of the labour. A number shocked: one hour of my efforts costed just one and a half dollars. But I got a salary higher middle on a city and on a country. Yet after a while, strike my eyes video (it on the left), looking over I understood that it is needed to change something. Then there was a well-known book Robert Toru Kiyosaki «A Poor dad, a Rich dad». In general, I decided to retire and work only on myself.

Certainly, a becoming period was heavy. It was much to work (but at home, with the cup of coffee), take under hard control the personal finances and to learn to save literally on everything. But! It costed that!

After half-year sitting on the riverside in a week-day, I understood that finally I became a free man. Both physically and financially. I will explain hardly more detailed:

This site brings 200 dollars me in a month. And the level of profit grows constantly. And support of site takes away only a half a hour in twenty-four hours. I have other web-resources, which allow not only it is normal to eat and get dressed but also to tour a country.

If you the early getting up was tired of, if you were plagued by the direction, if you got tired from plans, reports, emergency jobs and permanent shortage of time - study to work on yourself! Study to be free!

And I will try to help you herein.

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